The commerical shot!!

Known rouges are (from left to right)...... Rob Gooderham (white shirt/grey trouseres); Mrs Forster (snr) (dark outfit & hat); Mrs & Mr Rainer Forster (both kneeling at front); Mark Harman (Non-lister: holding child); Tim Grange (Non-lister: green vest at back); Martyn Steggalls (white T-shirt & cap 2nd from right); Angelika Voss (kneeling 2nd from right); mani (red shirt far right).

Known rouges are (from left to right)...... Peter Spencer (white shirt 2nd left); Gus Cabre holding son Alex (blue hat); Richard Holder (striped shirt & cap); Ian Judge (dark glasses at back); Dick Kressman (light blue hat at back); Ian Clark (Non Lister: blue vest & glasses 2nd from right)

...if you can identify any others please email me (Martyn Steggalls) at


Last updated: 29th August 1999